Tenda nova static ip

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Tenda nova static ip

In my four weeks of testing the Nova model: MW6it lived up to its specs of covering roughly 6, square feet. A mesh WiFi setup typically comes with three nodes, or units. The primary one is connected to your modem and functions like a wireless router. The difference is that a mesh router will find and connect to other corresponding units or nodes.

รีวิว : Tenda Nova MW6 เพิ่มสัญญาณไปให้สุด 6,000 ตารางฟุต ในราคาไม่เกินหมื่น

Each unit is constantly seeking out the other, constantly communicating. A mesh network can broadcast a WiFi signal to multiple floors in a home or across a backyard like a satellite.

Before mesh WiFi networks came on the scene, the best way to expand a wireless signal was by using an access point or powerline adapter. Both options are still very effective.

WiFi extenders became more popular because of their lower price. You may also have more than one network name using a WiFi extender. The Nova mesh WiFi network comes with a main router, and two other nodes or satellites. All three units are identical: a white cube slightly under four inches. Ventilation is out of sight on the bottom of the unit along with a reset button. I ran more than a dozen devices simultaneously to see if I could achieve any kind of dropped signal or interruptions.

I was most interested in streaming live TV on a number of televisions simultaneously. On the gaming front, I played a few games on my laptop using my Steam account.

I streamed a few games from my laptop to the Shield as well. Setting up the Nova mesh system was remarkably simple. It starts working once you plug in the first node and assign a name to the device through the Tenda smartphone app. The system requires a mobile device that runs at least on Android 4. To make my transition from a Netgear router easier, I assigned the Nova mesh Wifi the same username and password of the existing home network. When you plug in a second node, the Tenda app will find it, and notify you that another node is trying to join the network.

How to Access your Router from Outside Network

Tenda recommends that a node is at least a couple of rooms away to the primary unit for a good connection. A tiny light at the left corner of each unit indicates the quality of the WiFi signal. A solid blue means you have a solid WiFi connection. Yellow indicates a fair connection and magenta means poor.

A fair or poor connection means you are probably too close to the primary unit. When you first plug in a new node, you can see it on the smartphone app. You will have to approve the connection within the app. While connecting the nodes, it took a couple of minutes for it to be recognized, especially when the node is separated by several rooms.

Once the node was recognized, I never lost a connection to any of my devices. The Tenda smartphone app displays upload and downloads speeds, and the number of connected devices.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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After reading over your five things to do with a new router articleI was poking around in the control panel of my router. One of the things I found among all the settings is a table to set static IP addresses.

Should I be using it? The vasty majority of modern computer networks, including the little network in your home controlled by your router, use DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a protocol that automatically assigns a new device an IP address from the pool of available IP addresses without any interaction from the user or a system administrator.

Imagine that a friend visits with their iPad. They want to get on your network and update some apps on the iPad. With DHCP, however, life is so much easier. For most applications, like adding mobile devices to your network, general computer use, video game consoles, etc. You need reliable name resolution on your network for computers that need to be consistently and accurately found.

Any time you rely on a computer or a piece of software to accurately and immediately locate another computer on your network as is the case with our XBMC example — the client devices need to find the media server hosting the material with the least chance of error, assigning a static IP address is the way to go. Direct IP-based resolution remains the most stable and error free method of communicating on a network.

You want to impose a human-friendly numbering scheme onto your network devices. If you have devices on your network that you regularly access using command line tools or other IP-oriented applications, it can be really useful to assignment permanent addresses to those devices in a scheme that is friendly to the human memory.

For example, if left to its own devices our router would assign any available address to our three Raspberry Pi XBMC units. Because we frequently tinker with those units and access them by their IP addresses, it made sense to permanently assign addresses to them that would be logical and easy to remember:.

You have an application the expressly relies on IP addresses. Some applications will only allow you to supple an IP address to refer to other computers on the network. In such cases it would be extremely annoying to have to change the IP address in the application every time the IP address of the remote computer was changed in the DHCP table.

Assigning a permanent address to the remote computer prevents you from the hassle of frequently updating your applications. First, check what the IP pool available on your router is. Your router will have a total pool and a pool specifically reserved for DHCP assignments. The total pool available to home routers is typically Then, within those ranges a smaller pool is reserved for the DHCP server, typically around addresses in a range like Once you know the general pool, you should use the following rules to assign static IP addresses:.

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Dear How-To Geek, After reading over your five things to do with a new router articleI was poking around in the control panel of my router.

tenda nova static ip

Sincerely, IP Curious. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times.

Want to know more?The Tenda Nova MW3 is the cheapest mesh wireless kit we've come across, and it isn't half bad, either. For less than the cost of a regular mid-range router, you get a full set of three Wi-Fi nodes, ready to distribute wireless connectivity to the far reaches of your home.

At such a low price, can it possibly be any good? The idea is that you connect your existing broadband modem to one of the nodes with an Ethernet cable; if your modem is built into your router, you can leave it in place and use the Nova MW3 nodes as wireless extenders.

The Tenda Nova MW3 really has no competition at this price point. The MW3 units are inconspicuous white cubes, with bumpy tops to add a hint of visual interest. Getting set up is astonishingly easy. You can optionally enable an isolated guest network, configure port forwarding and set up simple parental controls, which let you block internet access for specific clients during defined times.

A few key features are conspicuously missing, though. Image 2 of 3. As well as The small size of the nodes meanwhile limits the size and, therefore, the range of the internal antennae: the three-node Tenda kit promises coverage up to m2, while the BT system offers a much more generous m2.

Image 3 of 3. In use, though, I found the Tenda MW3 delivered a solid, if not exactly speedy, connection. Having distributed the units along the length of my home, I was able to download files from my NAS drive to an These speeds, however, are low by mesh standards. The MW3 system completely cleared up the notspots in my home, with practically zero configuration required on my part. And the connection was still perfectly fast enough to browse the web, ping sensibly-sized files back and forth over my home network and even stream 4K video.

At this price, I suspect it will make a lot of people very happy. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Image 1 of 3. Our Rating. Price when reviewed. It may not be ideal for super users but is more than capable of streaming 4K video so most households should be happy with it. Buy Now.

tenda nova static ip

Tenda MW3 Nova Wave 2 See related. Google Wifi review: Mesh Wi-Fi done right. Read more Reviews.Smart Home. Broadband CPE. IP Camera. MW6-How to set Nova to access Internet The nova suite contains 3 units, which can be put at proper places according to the installation guide or the onscreen instructions of the Tenda Wi-Fi app to address your need of Wi-Fi coverage. The nova unit can only be installed and managed using the Tenda Wi-Fi app, so you need to download the app before installation.

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If nova is new to you, the following steps will guide you complete the settings quickly. Connect your mobile phone to an existing Wi-Fi network or mobile network to download the Tenda Wi-Fi app. Power on the nova unit. Note: You cannot set the nova unit until being connected to its wireless network. After connecting to the network, your mobile phone cannot access the Internet for the moment.

Run the Tenda Wi-Fi app. The setup wizard appears. Tap " Setup ". The app automatically detects your internet connection type. Enter information according to the internet connection type and tap " Next ". The nova unit is connected to the Internet and the app proceeds to the next step. See the following figure. Set the wireless network name and password of the nova unit and tap " OK ".

Note: If change the wireless network name and password and tap "OK", your mobile phone is disconnected from the nova Wi-Fi network.

You need to reconnect to the new wireless network you configured. When the LED of the first nova unit turns solid blue, the nova unit is connected to the Internet. After the first nova unit is configured, the app will explain how to set up the other nova units. Power on the second nova unit and tap " Next ". Wait about 1 minute and check the connection status of the second nova unit based on its LED color. Blue means that its connection is fine.

If the LED lights any other color, adjust its orientation or move it closer to the first nova unit. Set up the third nova unit in the way you set up the second one: Put the third nova unit at a proper place and power it on.

Wait about 1 minute and check its LED to ensure fine connection.

Technical Details

After the network is established successfully, the app displays 3 online nova units. MW6-How to set Nova to access Internet. Our site uses cookies.

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Tenda uses cookies to improve site functionality, provide you with a better browsing experience, and to enable our partners to advertise to you. Detailed information on the use of cookies on this Site, is provided in our cookie policy.But it packs plenty of value for its price, and a delivers consistent bandwidth for 4K streaming, live TV over the Internet and online gaming.

That means it was able to handle streaming in 4K, gaming and surfing on the web simultaneously without causing any hang ups or lag. Mesh routers and networks expand the range of WiFi around your home by using two or three access points.

The idea is to eradicate any and all dead zones, so you can having a bunch of people streaming live TV, playing video games online and cruising around on the Internet all at once without any kind of log jam. The downside of mesh Wifi systems is that they generally cost a lot more than a typical router. My takeaway has been that some routers and mesh networks are either grossly overpriced, or Tenda is offering a very decent value for its price point.

The MW5 has a small, but powerful AC router at its core that measures only three inches tall. The three-pack comes with two nodes that plug into electrical outlets. The two nodes that plug into a wall similar to what you would see with a WiFi extender. These nodes are much more powerful than a range extender, and each wall unit has a gigabit port. You can use the port to run Ethernet cord directly to a streaming device, or a network switch for a number of devices.

The Tenda MW5 comes with a three year warranty. After speaking with someone at Tenda, I was also impressed to learn that their home networking products are fully compatible with prior generations of their product line. Tenda sent me the MW5 three-pack for this review. I have three TVs between two floors. There are multiple streaming devices connected to them, including a couple of Roku and Fire TV devices.

I own a couple gaming consoles, a few computers, an iPad, a few Amazon Echo devices and various other web-connected devices. Then, I turn on as many other devices like computers to see how my WiFi system performs. The all-on test answers a lot of questions that the typical consumer wants to know.

Is there any lag with streaming? Does anything come to a full stop? Can I play games online in one room while watching a movie in 4K in another? Do I always have all 16 devices going at once? No, not always. I also perform the all-on test during the day, and again at night when Internet use is at its peak.

Claims about speed that you see on the box are fine to know about. Download the Tenda app to your smartphone and plug in just the mesh router. The green LED will light up solid green, but wait about 40 seconds for the light to blink. You can find it on the bottom of the mesh router. When you plug in a node to a wall socket, you should also wait until the LED blinks green.

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Pay attention to the color of the LED on each node and the mesh router. Solid green is a good connection. A yellow one is a fair connection. To get the best performance out of the MW5 for streaming live TV over the Internet, I recommend using an Ethernet port on one at least one the nodes.

I had two TVs streaming wirelessly on the top floor without any issues. These two televisions were drawing from the mesh router on the top floor.

Nova Whole Home Mesh WiFi System: Crushing Dead WiFi Zones

I had set up the two nodes on the first floor. One was in the kitchen; the other was in the adjoining living room. My laptop worked fine, and felt much faster than the Netgear router and bridge network that I had been using before I started using the mesh router.

After that I had zero problems.Delivery time? Quick Overview. Smart Auto-path Selection Technology to ensure a robust wireless network and maximize a faster home internet. No matter the structure, a set of three nova units could fully cover up to 6, sq.

There's no hiding place for deadspots so you can enjoy a fast and consistent WiFi experience wherever you go. Powered by the cutting-edge Wave2.

It also comes with Beamforming technology to focus transmit power onto wireless devices for better signal strength.

tenda nova static ip

A traditional network is unable to reconnect when the signal is lost. That won't be an issue with nova, as it automatically maintains its network status. So, if a nova is disconnected it will reconnect to an available nova to keep you online. Right from the box, nova units arrive pre-paired to each other. Just plug in the cables and leave everything else to nova. Bring everything under your control. You can monitor your nova while you are away using the Tenda Wi-Fi App.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Nova provides the value and performance mesh system available today. Why not own a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi network for the same price as a single wireless router and get better coverage?

Nova's Wave 2. If signals weaken as you move around, your devices will automatically scan for the strongest access point to deliver a better Wi-Fi experience virtually eliminating dropped connections. Your Network.

Tenda MW5: A Budget Friendly Mesh Router for Streaming

Parental Control. Add New Node. Guest Network. Connect 90 devices: mesh Wi-Fi lets you Link up to 90 wireless devices to your high-speed network while maintaining optimum conditionsUse Tenda Wi-Fi App to manage your Nova mesh Wi-Fi network from anywhere and access helpful tools like a parent-friendly Wi-Fi timeout feature.

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